About Us

Our path to starting a hydration company is a curious one. It started with something known as "the world's first multivitamin for people who drink."

Before body/bio hacking was really popular, I took and shared various vitamins with friends to help lessen the blow of a night out. In college, this started B and C vitamins along with milk thistle. Working (and maybe getting a little older) did something terrible to my body. I drank less and hurt more. I expanded my research and found more products that would curb the negative effects of alcohol and eventually invented my first product, Drinkwel, and founded Drinkwel, LLC with my college friend Greg (check out drinkwel.com to see more). Drinkwel is "the world's first multivitamin for people who drink" and was a big hit; being featured on The Today Show and many other big news outlets. 

Being very active (surfing, basketball, hiking) and enjoying the occasional adult beverage, I always wanted to add electrolytes to Drinkwel. I constantly experimented with hydration and electrolytes. Think coconut water, 'ade' products, salt capsules, and even pickle juice! Nothing really fit as there wasn't anything that would reasonably fit in our Drinkwel pills. 

The more I dove into hydration and electrolytes, the more I realized the existing products on the market weren't great (and often contained lots of negative fillers, sweeteners, and coloring). It's still crazy to me how low quality the average sports drink is. If these products are for athletes, why are so many corners being cut? 

After a lot of research and testing, we created LyteShow and a personal obsession with electrolytes and hydration was born. 

At LyteLine, we're all about BETTER hydration. We always use/drink/take the products we make ourselves. We're not selling sugar water and our products do not taste like your typical sports drinks. They're intense because our commitment to hydration is intense. 

Mike, Co-Founder


mike mcadams drinkwel co-founder



Mike’s a work hard/play hard kind of guy. He created LyteLine because he wanted to take it himself and puts an enormous amount of effort into building a company he would want to do business with. Mike has experience working in the food industry, in finance, and in real estate. He holds a B.A. in Consumer Behavior & Globalization from the University of California, Berkeley.

greg huang drinkwel co-founder



Greg brings a wealth of knowledge to LyteLine far beyond his experience. He’s a sponge for information. When he and Mike first started talking about the company, Greg knew close to nothing about nutrition. Now he can talk Mike under the table. Greg holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.